Joe Cordell speaking into a microphone for ElderTalk podcast

Co-host Susan Arthur begins her journey highlighting nursing homes and long-term care facilities within the St. Louis metropolitan area with the Villages of St. Peters Memory Care in this audio walking tour. She joins Villages of St. Peters Memory Care administrator April Haskins. April takes Susan through the facility and talks about how some of the features of the facility, such as a pool table or various games, can be utilized to stimulate community members who suffer from dementia.

April describes the neighborhood concept of Villages of St. Peters Memory Care to Susan and how it provides the comforts of home. She talks about the role of the staff members in getting community members to participate in the many activities that the facility offers. April also talks about how each member provides all of their own belongings to their room.

April talks about her role as a representative responsible for educating families on the journey that their senior family member is experiencing. She also talks about the different stations that are available in each community.

Visiting Villages of St. Peters Memory Care [Episode 102]