Joe Cordell speaking into a microphone for ElderTalk podcast

Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur continue their discussion from the previous episode about nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Joe explains the historical timeline of legislation that regulated the nursing homes and long-term care facility industry, as well as what a resident assessment plan is.

Joe states that a resident assessment plan is a document that includes the senior’s health history, doctor’s orders, and prescriptions, among other items of information. He also explains what a comprehensive person-centered care plan is, as well as the regulations regarding informing family members of significant changes in the senior’s health.

Joe goes into detail on areas that government regulations forbid within nursing homes and long-term care facilities. The issues that seniors face in long-term care facilities need to be treated, and the families need to be notified with explanations given. Joe also details alternatives to restrictive methods that long-term care facilities may employ for the safety and well-being of the senior, as well as issues surrounding facility staffing.

Understanding Nursing Homes Part 2 [Episode 86]