ElderTalk podcast Tune In

Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur continue last week’s discussion, touching on irrevocable trusts and how the entity allows for the flexibility that many are looking for in their estate planning. They explain the features and limitations of irrevocable trusts and how the experience of an elder law attorney can assist you in determining if they are the best option for you and your estate.

Afterward, Joe and Susan dive into the probate process, highlighting the ins and outs of this necessary procedure. They discuss the interpersonal side of the process and how it can affect the financial side.

Probate is a procedure that can take time and cost money, but the process offers the protection and analysis that you need, in order to make sure that your wishes are honored. Joe and Susan discuss what happens with probate when someone dies without a will versus when they do have a will.

The Positives of Probate [Episode 63]