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Sharon Hepburn, a physical therapist and founder of The Inner Connection, returns to ElderTalk with Joe Cordell and discusses every day activities that can be beneficial for ailments for aging patients with attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur. She also discusses alternate forms of treatment and mindful-based stress reducers that can help treat ailments.

There are many ways of developing bone strength, and Sharon discusses some of the supplements and methods of treatment that people who face ailments and the risk for falls and fractures can take, such as Calcium D and various infusions. She also talks about how walking around the house, easy weight-bearing activities can help strengthen your bones, as well as exercises and stretches that people can do, in order to build strength and regain aspects of your health.

They also discuss aspects of how diet and spirituality can play a factor in maintaining health and wellness.

Thinking Differently About Treatment [Episode 58]
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