Joe Cordell speaking into a microphone for ElderTalk podcast

Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Jill Albers are rejoined by Wealth Advisors and Certified Financial Planners Todd Oetken of R.W. Baird, to talk about the money issues that seniors and their families often face when it comes to retirement and long-term care.

Todd highlights the concerns surrounding the use of the principle when the market is on a decline, what the four percent rule is, the importance of asset allocation, and the vitality of saving money over the years.

Joe and Todd discuss why many find themselves working at age 75 and how they could have benefited from sound saving strategies. Todd also tells stories about clients that are forced to start over, due to poor financial decisions that do not pay out.

They discuss the physical limitations that exist when someone is looking for a job later in life and how important paying off debts and mortgages. Todd emphasizes the importance of accounting for insurance and long-term care expenses when doing the financial math that shapes your future. Joe highlights the importance of seeking out the advice of a financial planner as you age.

Then Joe and Jill are joined by online editor and “roving celebrity reporter” Dan Pearce to discuss the successful pre- and post-retirement investing strategies of former Boston Celtics guard John Havlicek.

Managing Your Finances Responsibly As You Get Older [Episode 124]