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On the Saturday, June 3, edition of Elder Talk, Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell will discuss severe weather preparedness for seniors.

Everyone should take the proper precautions when severe weather strikes, but some extra steps are needed to ensure elderly adults remain safe. Some tips you should always follow for severe weather preparedness include:

  1. Check on elderly loved ones and neighbors.
  2. Clear ice or snow from patio, porches, and steps.
  3. Assure senior adults are well stocked not only with food, but with an emergency kit containing water, cash, coins, flashlight, etc.
  4. Don’t assume that extreme and emergency information has been received or understood by the elderly.
  5. Develop a severe weather plan for your family, especially for your aging loved ones.

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Click here for an American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness list.

Joe Cordell To Cover Severe Weather Preparedness On June 3 Episode Of Elder Talk
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