Joe Cordell speaking into a microphone for ElderTalk podcast

Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur are rejoined by Villages of St. Peters Memory Care administrator April Haskins to break down some of the factors that go into the decision of leaving one’s home and entering an independent or assisted living facility.

April details all of the amenities that many facilities have, which allows seniors to maintain some levels of independence while receiving the care that they may need. They also bring up the costs involved in independent living.

April and Joe explain what a buy-in is, when it comes to senior care. They highlight the varied payment structures that exist among facilities, as well as the lifestyle options available to residents. Joe discusses the commonality in the St. Louis area regarding seniors going to a living facility  based on having friends that are involved in common interests or communities.

April explains what Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are and also talks about the conversations between senior parents and their children, regarding visits, amenities, and overall environment of a potential facility.

Joe also announces that April will be joining ElderTalk with Joe Cordell as an occasional co-host.

Choosing Independent or Assisted Living Facilities [Episode 118]