Joe Cordell speaking into a microphone for ElderTalk podcast

Attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur dive into some of the more common mistakes that people make when estate planning. They talk about the hazards surrounding losing track of where your will is or not updating it.

Joe and Susan also talk about the complications surrounding pets and providing for them in your estate plan. They bring up pet custody and the modern commonality of including your pet in your estate plans through the uniform trust code.

They highlight some of the issues surrounding property, as well as creative property, and make recommendations, including putting property within a revocable living trust. Joe talks about the use of a deed of gift within a trust and how beneficial this mechanism can be.

Joe talks about the benefits of a trust owning an asset, in order to offer the asset and your loved ones protection from financial hardship or other risks.

Joe and Susan explain how interpersonal dynamics can play a factor in various parts of the estate planning experience, as well as how you should avoid surprising your spouse with the details of your will.

Avoid Common Missteps in Your Estate Plans [Episode 108]