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Dr. Andrew Spitzfaden, an orthopedic surgeon of Woods Mill Orthopedics, joins attorney-CPA Joe Cordell and co-host Susan Arthur to discuss the importance of bone health as you age. They break down hip and knee replacements, as well as alternative ways of fighting bone and joint-related ailments.

Dr. Spitzfaden explains osteopenia, a condition where the body does not make new bone to the extent that it used to. He discusses how it impacts women to a greater extent than men, as well as low-impact cardio exercises, in order to stimulate and strengthen joints and bones.

He highlights the new developments occurring in medicine, when it comes to ways to treat the pains involved in the aging process, as well how genetics can play a factor in the challenges in knee or joint ailments.

If you or someone you know is facing bone or joint-related issues, please contact Dr. Spitzfaden at Woods Mill Orthopedics for more information.

Andrew C. Spitzfaden,M.D.
Woods Mill Orthopedics, Ltd.

Breaking Down Bone Health [Episode 57]